Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hey Cuties :3 

I haven´t blogged for a really long time D: and because I´m quite busy with university, I´m not sure when I can start blogging again.
But I really missed it :) reading your comments and everything, so I made an instagram account today ^w^
I hope so I can make updates every few days and continue to post about my fashion and life ^.^

if you want you can find me here ;) my instagram name is Cookiecateri :3
I already uploaded a few pictures about last wednesday when I met my japanese penfriend Miku again ^w^ in cologne ^o^
I also changed my style slightely I hope you like it :3


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Recent Update ^w^

Hey Cuties ^.^
I finally managed to find time for blogging :33

Today I´d just like to make a short update on the last weeks ^u^
I have a lot more pictures to post :3 but I´ll try to do that soon.

Great news ^.^ I finally got myself a phone :D
My old one was broken, so I decided to get a smartphone this time ^-^
and I really like it, though I´m still not used to the tough screen :'D I´feel like a granny.

 I really love my new phone *^* It´s so small and handy, but also has quite a big screen so just perfect for me :)

 I also tried to take outfit pictures with it >w< I´m sorry they turned out a bit blurry, because I didn´t really know how to hold the phone x3 I´m happy it´s not a big one, because otherwhise taking pictures would be even more diffilcult :D

 my outfit from a few days ago ^.^ I really like it :3 because it´s perfect for autumn.
♥ dark blue top: C&A
♥ Skirt: Liz Lisa
♥ Cardigan: C&A
♥ tights and boots: Deichmann

 and this is a picture of my Honey and me eating cake at a cute cafe after we bought the new Pokemon X game ^u^ it´s soooo cooool *^*
I can totally recommend it!

 New stuff for university ^-^ I´m glad I found cute things like that in a German store :)

  New Jacket from edc by Esprit ^.^ I really love it :) (in the picture above you can see me wearing it)
the colour is such a beautiful chocolate brown ^.^ just great for autumn.

 I also bought 2 leo barrets :) because I saw a lot of Gyarus wearing them and I actually really liked the outfits *.*  so I wanted to try too. I also hope I can get more barrets in different colours in the future :)

here are some examples of Guri and Gura wearing leo barrets:3
I hope I can pull it of that well too >u<

and finally the new Liz Lisa skirt ^.^ you could already see in the outfit picture above ^-^
really pretty :))

That´s it for today ^-^ thank you for reading and

Friday, October 18, 2013

Liz Lisa Fantastic Winter Girl

Hello Cuties^-^ 
today I´d like to make a short post about the new Liz Lisa catalogue which came out today ^.^
I really like the catalogues they release :3 they are always so cute and inspiring ^.^ and the new ones also contain a hairtutorial in every issue :33

As you can see Liz Lisa´s winter collection 2013 named "Fantastic Winter Girl" contains a lot of pastels, soft colours and materials, simple but cute designs and they used houndstooth pattern in their collection as well ^-^

(you can click the pictures to enlarge then ^.^)

Thank you for reading ^-^
have a nice weekend :33

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ank Rouge Autumn Winter Collection 2013 And My New Winter Clothes ^u^

Hello Cuties ^-^
I hope you all are fine :3
For me university has started so I´m veeeeeeery busy xx3 haha everything is so chaotic at the start , but I heard it will become easier later ^-^ so that´s why I don´t have very much time for my hobbies at the moment >u< but I´ll do my best to blog at least once a week :)

So last weekend I did some online wintershopping :3 and I went through some websites to get inspired and see the latest trends ^-^ here are my favourites from Ank Rouge this month :3

 I love pompoms in winter ^-^
they´re such a cute detail :3

 Bordeaux is my very favourite colour this year in autumn/winter :3 also light pink, brown and beige ^-^
 the black one´s also so cute *.*

 and I love peplum tops ^w^ they look so classy, but still cute :33

 this ones so adorable *^*

but I think from this one all colours are awesome :D

 and I really like this skirt :) 

 in every colour XD haha they are all so pretty ^-^

 cute blouses ^-^ I really like the combination of a highwaist skirtpants with a blouse and a cardigan for this season :)

 this is also lovely :) simple and casual, but very cute!

 and a cute houndtooth salopette :33

another casual autumn outfit ^-^

 and one biiiiigg trend in Japan at the moment :)
Daisy pattern ^o^ so if you want to follow the trends, don´t miss it :P 
it´s very cute and retro ^-^

 and this is very typical of Ank Rouge ^-^ I really love it!
I hope I can buy something like that someday ^.^ 

simple, but cute bow sweater :33

 and one really really cute winter coat :33

 looks so cute in those colours ^-^

 also this coat is so cuuuute!!
I really love the coats from Ank Rouge ^.^ such a pity they´re so expensive TuT
but maybe I can find a cheaper one at mbok ^-^

 this jacket is also so cute ^-^ 

 the details on this coat are amazing :))
Y u so cute :D !!!

 can´t say it often enough :3 the Ank Rouge coats are so pretty ^w^
 this is a bit more classy onee one ^-^
but still it´s also lovely :)

 and one of the most cute ponchos I´ve ever seen ^u^

and some cute fur boots :) I hope I can find some in beige ^w^ because fur is so cute for winter and it´s cozy and warm :33
simple but cute boots with velvet laces ^-^

and here are some of my winter/autumn buys from the last months ^u^
super cute baby blue peplum top from Bye Bye :3
I really really love it *-*

very thick and heavy Liz Lisa top :) it´s one of the most thick and heavy tops I´ve ever owned XD haha
perfect for winter ^-^

Honey´s pink sweater dress ^w^
one of my favourite winter clothes :))

cute DreamV brown top with lace collar ^-^

it might look very cute with the wine red flower shorts I bought earlier ^-^

lovely bowtie blouse ^-^ it fits my clothes very well :3
I already have so many ideas of how to wear it ^u^

Liz Lisa checked skirt ^.^ I really love it and I wanted to have it for so long *.*

and here a coord with it from a Liz Lisa shop staff ^-^

and I got the Liz Lisa choclate skirt :D haha
it´s from the current winter collection ^-^ and it´s so cute and classy ^-^
I really love chocolate colours :)

soooooooooooo cute *^*

so that´s it for today ^-^ I´ll have to go to university now :3
Bye Bye ^.^